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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for special events and dining trains

In these conditions “the Railway” means the Wensleydale Railway PLC and includes its agents and staff.

These terms and conditions are in addition to the general terms and conditions for carriage.

1.            Booking

1.1          Fares for special events will normally be higher than scheduled fares and tickets must be booked in advance using the advertised methods.  

1.2          Details of customer numbers must be given at time of booking to ensure that groups can be seated together. The Railway reserves the right to separate members of groups where seating has limited availability.

1.3          Any special needs for customers must be raised when booking. The Railway will make every effort to accommodate all customers; however as the Railway utilises heritage stock, there are some vehicles that are unsuitable for certain customers. Please let the Railway know if any customers require special arrangements for access and the Railway will endeavour to provide suitable accommodation, however, this may not always be possible.

1.4          Where the booking is for a dining train any special dietary needs should be made clear at the time of the booking, however, the Railway must be advised of any such requirements no later than one week in advance of the event.

1.5          Groups of Children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by at least one adult, unless otherwise agreed beforehand in writing with the Railway. Our general policy is one adult travels free with every eight children under the age of 15.

2.            Cancellation of booking and refund of monies

2.1          Confirmation of any cancellation of a booking by a customer must be provided in writing (an email is acceptable). Provided that the booking is cancelled at least fourteen days prior to the date of travel then the Railway will refund any monies due to the customer less a non-refundable deposit, if applicable.

2.2          In the event of the Railway being unable to provide a train on the day of travel, the company will refund the entire amount, including the deposit, to the customer within twenty one days of notifying them.

3.         Right to amend the timetable

3.1          The Railway reserves the right to amend train times as required for operational reasons. In the case of this happening prior to the date of travel, the Railway will endeavour to contact the customer to offer an alternate train time or date. If the customer is unable to accept these alternatives then a full refund will be issued

3.2          The heritage rolling stock may mean that trains may be delayed. The Railway accepts no liability for loss resulting from the late departure of trains.

4.            Type of train

4.1          The Railway makes no guarantee as to the type of locomotive or unit that will be provided on a particular journey; this includes journeys where a steam locomotive may have been advertised

5.            Information and queries

5.1          If the customer has any queries regarding any event they should contact the Railway by e-mail on admin@wensleydalerailway.com, by telephone on 01677 425805, or by visiting the Administration Office at Leeming Bar Station.



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